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Life in Wartburg

Life in Wartburg has been pretty good! We just had friends from Chicago leave today after being here for a few days. It was nice to have company! We did some sight seeing and hiking and pool time.

The last few weeks we've had contractors come in and do some work in the house. We have ceiling fans in in every room now and we fixed the electric by the pool. This week we have new toilets going in and speakers going up. Painters came to paint my craft room and I am excited to get that together. The house is finally starting to become what I had envisioned when we moved in.

My garden is growing like crazy from all of the rain we've had. We have picked at least 10 cucumbers already and a zucchini squash. The tomatoes are coming. I have to figure out my watermelon as they are taking over the garden. I am going to try to trellis them up and burlap the watermelons when they grow.

The weather here is interesting. We have rain almost every day but not for very long! It is nice because I really don't have to water but it makes planning things difficult. The fog in the morning is really cool. The puppy loves to roll around in the grass first thing in the morning and get all wet and cool.

We have hummingbirds on the front porch that we watch every morning. We have a hanging plant and have a small feeder hanging out of the pot. They are fun to watch.

We haven't really gone exploring to many other towns yet but we went to the Outdoor show in the square yesterday and talked to some more people. I am interested in the Tourism Alliance and the Historical Society.

Off to a Sunday in the pool with new friends. Have an amazing day!

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