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New Beginnings

To new beginnings! We closed on our new house this week. So we are officially Tennessee residents. It's been another crazy week though sorting through the house and finding a mover, which we did and we will pack up and load on the 19th/20th. On the 21st we will load the dogs into the cars and head down ourselves.

This morning we worked on turning on all of our utilities. A little different in Wartburg than in Chicago! The reality set in though today. I am moving - away from my house, away from my friends and family, away from the tree that I've been staring at for a year during Covid. I continue to dream about what my days will be like in Wartburg.

Totally in a different direction, we will miss watching people. We spend a good portion of our day talking about the people who walk by, the cars that drive by, the way people walk, the way people park, why there are so many cars on our street that belong to two neighbors and on and on and on. In our new home we will probably be able to name the animals that come into our yard by the end of summer! That will be out entertainment. :)

We have been gathering with friends to say goodbye - lots of wining, dining and chatting. It's been nice as I love to entertain and be with people and this past year that has really not happened. Today we say goodbye to one of our favorite bartenders at Ditka's. Last week we said goodbye to our food family at The Capital Grille. Later this week we will say goodbye to our waiter at Nonna Silvia's. Lots of goodbyes happening this week.

Off to pack some more in my craft room before we head out for the day. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting!

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